Sunday, October 24, 2004

Keeping Children Safe in Cyberspace 

I've added a resource page to my website on the the topic of Internet Safety.

The page is the online companion to a "Keeping Children Safe in Cyberspace" seminar that I recently started offering. The seminar is designed for parents and grandparents but is also informative for teachers and law enforcement personnel. The 90-minute presentation examines how children are using the Internet, the risks associated with Internet use, and common sense, as well as technological, methods for combating these risks.

Let's face it: parents are sometimes in the awkward position of knowing less about the Internet than their kids, and it can be challenging to parent from a position of authority in such a situation. Some parents use the “ignorance is bliss” theory and do nothing to ensure their children’s safety, while others “throw out the baby with the bathwater” and ban the Internet altogether. This seminar helps parents (and other caretakers) balance their concerns for the Internet’s potential dangers with an appreciation and understanding of the riches that it offers, thereby letting them govern their children's Internet use effectively.

My Internet Safety resource page includes links to some of the best sites on the topic, as well as safe links to software safety solutions, homework helpers, search tools for kids, excellent family-oriented sites, and online fun and games.

If you know of a group who might like to host such a presentation, direct them to the above page and tell them to contact me directly for additional information, rates, and booking.
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