Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Driving Force 

My Guardian Road Angels were out in full force this evening as I tried to make my way to a dinner date. Guardian Road Angels are what I call earth-bound citizens who firmly plant their vehicles between me and wherever it is I want to go.

In this case, the restaurant was 28 minutes away, and I had 22 minutes to get there. This always brings out my daring asphalt angels. I can be on an empty road, with nothing between me and my destination but solid blacktop and a few sing-a-long Joni Mitchell songs, but the minute I realize I am running late, suddenly there are Guardian Road Angels coming out of every side street, all going 5MPH slower than I want to go.

This used to really frustrate me (to the point of increasing blood pressure and dangerous, not to mention rude, hand signals) until I decided to stop the madness and create my own little private sanity-saving fairy tail. I decided that they were all there for a reason: to protect me.

I have trained myself to believe in these Guardian Road Angels because it beats the heck outta getting shaking-fist, red-faced incensed at the slowpokes who always seem to be one car length ahead of me. The way I look at it, these people were placed in my path to keep me from getting in trouble somewhere down the road. Perhaps they slow me down enough to prevent me from driving into a ditch or getting t-boned by a tractor-trailer. Perhaps they force me to arrive at my destination seconds after the mad sniper has vacated the area.

Whatever the reason, keep on truckin’ Guardian Road Angels.

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