Monday, September 15, 2003

What’s On YOUR iPod? 

I bought a 30-gig Apple iPod (nicknamed ShyPod) a few months ago and, while the beginning of our relationship could be described as a torrid affair (I think my sneaking away to tend to it while blatantly lying to husband that I had to run downstairs for a sec to “get something from my desk” counts as an affair of sorts), lately it’s just seemed like a really beneficial friendship.

In the beginning, I spent days loading songs from CD's into iTunes and then onto my ShyPod. Then I dedicated hours to organizing the tunes in my iTunes, to make my ShyPod easier to navigate. (Small screen + long names = need for creative truncated alternatives.) Since then I have spent a small fortune on the iTunes Music Store site…hopelessly addicted. I love the entire concept…the look, the feel, the sound, everything. Well, everything except for the earphone buds. I have purchased four different pairs of earphones and still don’t own a pair that combines comfort with great sound. (Any suggestions?)

I now have 2571 songs on my ShyPod and still have 12.46 gigs left! What a great gadget! Some of the artists/composers on my iPod: America; Andrea Bocelli; Ani DeFranco; The B-52’s; Bach, Beethoven, Brahms; Billy Joel; Bob Dylan; Bonnie Raitt; Bruce Springsteen; Buena Vista Social Club; Carly Simon; The Clash; Chopin (dream piano nocturnes), The Commitments (my favorite movie); Counting Crows; The Cranberries; CSN&Y; Dar Williams; David Wilcox; The Doors; Ella Fitzgerald; Elton John; Enya; Etta James; Frank Sinatra; The Jayhawks; Joe Jackson; John Mayer; Johnny Cash (rest his soul); Joni Mitchell (my idol); Kristian Rex (my brother); Lucinda Williams; Michael Nyman (The Piano); Miles Davis; Nancy Griffith; Neil Young; The Nields; Norah Jones; Paul Simon; Peter Gabriel; Rickie Lee Jones; Santana; Sarah McLachlan; Sheryl Crow; Steve Winwood; Suzanne Vega; Talking Heads; Tom Petty; The Wall Flowers; Warren Zevon (rest his soul); and YES.

I also put unabridged books on my ShyPod – great for listening to on long walks or having a bedtime story read to you. I have Andrew Weil (for health issues), Bill Bryson (to assuage my travel bug), Dan Brown and James Patterson (for my mystery kick), and Paul Pimsleur’s “Learning Norwegian” series, which helped me enormously when I visited relatives in Norway this past summer. Ya!

I use my ShyPod when I walk the dog, wait for appointments, drive in my car, beat my insomnia into submission, rollerblade, and when I exercise. (OK, the last one is a lie; I don’t actually exercise, but I plan to. In fact, I think I will go take a walk right now…

…too late, Hurricane Isabel has send us some rain!

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