Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Almost Gone 

(Day 9, Walt Disney World Vacation)
I know I said that I would write about Mission Space (the newest attraction at EPCOT) once I had ridden it a second time. I did ride it a second time, but have decided not to write about because I truly wish that I hadn’t read anything about it before I tried it. The Disney boards over at AOL had a few reviews of Mission Space and I eagerly read every one of them. Consequently, I think my expectations spoiled the actual ride for me. So, just give it a try yourself. Like everything else at WDW, it’s well done and entertaining.

We went to Animal Kingdom today. It was very hot and the paths were crowded as usual…but the attractions and shows and restaurants were not congested at all. The pizza at Pizzafari is still really delicious; the bats were really cool-looking, (not to mention screaming because they were in heat), the tigers looked like big kittens sleeping in the sun, and Little Red was saved once again.

Gotta pack up tonight as we are leaving tomorrow. I am ready to go home now (pretty much). I miss my cat and dog, not to mention my fast Internet connection. As usual, we are going home with more stuff than we came here with (thanks to that nifty “send your package to your resort” program). We’ll be returning in May, as usual, so we will make good use of those premium annual passes.
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