Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Anticipatory Firsts and Needless Anxiety 

(Day 1, Walt Disney World Vacation)
My mood remains buoyant despite the fact that we are now sitting on the second plane of the morning. The first plane was broken so after boarding we never even moved from the gate. So we are already an hour-and-a-half off schedule. No worries; we will get there eventually.

I have been so freaked out the past few days that sometimes I wonder if I should bother going on vacation. I always seem to get like that right before a trip. Every bit of laundry has to be done and put away, the dishwasher has to be run and the contents put away, the fridge has to be cleaned, trash emptied, clean towels left out for our house sitter, toys and special treats left behind for the dog. I get crabby trying to tie up loose end in my office…sending out vacation notices, changing the voicemail message, making sure invoices are sent out, bills paid, SPAM deleted, and e-mails answered. I must have checked that the plane tickets were in our carry-on bag at least a half-dozen times (including the minute I got in the limo for the ride to the airport.)

Day One of vacation is full of anticipatory “firsts.”

In Orlando, the first ride of the day is always the monorail to the airport baggage claim. After a few minutes of “luggage anxiety,” during which I am convinced I will never see my one-and-only perfect-fitting Diesel jeans again, followed by the celebratory relief at spotting and snatching our bags from the carousel, there’s the first step outside into the warm humid Florida air. This I soon to be followed by the spotting of the first palm tree, and the first Walt Disney World road sign!

These “firsts” are followed by “room anxiety,” during which I obsess over where our room will be. Will we get the view and floor we requested? Will the room be ready? Will there be noisy people next door? (I know, I know…I have anxiety issues.”) And, since this is Disney we are talking about, there is the first glimpse of our perfect room, with the great view of the Boardwalk (we are right over the DVC sign, for those of you who have been here). Have I mentioned that I really like coming here? It’s like a giant all-encompassing anti-anxiety pill.

Today we went to EPCOT and walked around the World Showcase…drinking in the atmosphere, along with some Octoberfest beer. The Florida heat (91 degrees), the German beer, and the 3 a.m. wakeup call created the perfect combination for our first nap of the vacation. I felt positively drugged and seriously contemplated ordering room service and not leaving the room until tomorrow…but I forced myself to snap out of it, and we headed back to EPCOT for dinner and the fireworks.

More tomorrow…sleep beckons!
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