Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Inappropriate Theme Park Footwear 

(Day 2, Walt Disney World Vacation)
EPCOT’s nightly fireworks (called “Illuminations”) are nothing short of spectacular, no matter how many times you’ve seen the show. The fireworks take place in and around the World Showcase Lagoon, which is a huge man-made lake. Beginning at dusk, there are enormous torches surrounding the lagoon, then at 9 p.m., when the show is about to begin, you hear the announcer blow the torches out, and the entire place goes dark…one second later the sky is filled with fireworks set to riveting Disney-style music. It’s completely awe-inspiring. The fireworks not only light up the sky, but are reflected in the lagoon as well, making the water resemble one of Edvard Munch’s more colorful canvases.

Seconds after the fireworks (before the last embers have left the sky), thousands of people want to exit EPCOT simultaneously. This is when my husband and I find a comfortable bench where our toes won’t get run over by exhausted fathers pushing strollers or inexperienced EPV (electric personal vehicle) drivers. While the madding crowd whooshes by, I play a little game with myself called “Spot the Inappropriate Theme Park Footwear.”

It’s amazing what some people will wear on their feet to a theme park. While I don’t seem to spot as many high heels as I used to, I still see an amazing array of pinched toe cleavage and non-supportive flip-flops. The most alarming footwear last night was a pair of 4-inch platform slides on a very pregnant young woman. I feared for the safety of her unborn child. But other than that, white tennis shoes seemed to be de rigueur.

I am apparently not the only person who plays this strange game. There is a website that actually has pictures of inappropriate theme park footwear on it. I am not kidding. Look here at bad shoe.com. But it was my idea first. :-)

Today we spent half the day at EPCOT and half the day at the Magic Kingdom. At EPCOT, we did the brands new Mission Space and Spaceship Earth. At the Magic Kingdom, we kept with the Space theme by doing Space Mountain. We also saw the new PhilHarmagic 3D attraction, which was amazingly fun. I will write more about Mission Space and PhilHarmagic tomorrow. We are off to Pleasure Island now, where I will go to one or more Comedy Club shows and my husband will drink in the live music in a non-smoking atmosphere! Gotta love these annual passes!

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