Sunday, October 26, 2003

iTunes Finally Does Windows! 

More good news from Apple! They finally rolled out iTunes for Windows.

Because of the type of work I do (technology writing and computer training) I have always had both an Apple Macintosh and a Windows PC sitting on my desk. I have clients on both sides of the platform tracks, so straddling is a necessity as well as a pleasure. Since I unabashedly like both platforms, I won't bore you with a comparison between the two.

Lately, my Mac has been getting a lot of extra (key)strokes because of my ongoing love affair with my iPod. iTunes, combined with the iTunes Music Store, has been an unbeatable competitor when it comes to managing my music. And the Mac made it so easy...true plug and pay and play.

This was not the case when, after hearing me gush about mine, a few of my Windows-only friends got iPods. Although there are programs other than iTunes that let you use your iPod with Windows, they were all kludgy (not to mention ugly). As a result, I ended up being the "go to girl" for the care and feeding (i.e. programming and uploading) of three iPods in addition to my own! (That's a lot of responsibility, even for a very geeky girl.)

Now I can teach my friends to fish, instead of feeding them! (Although they probably won't let me off the hook for dragging them through the mud in this blog entry!)

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