Monday, October 27, 2003

Stress Noted 

Recently I was shampooing in the shower when I become conscious of how frantically my fingers were flailing. My shoulders were so tense they were just about level with the bottoms of my earlobes. I was scrubbing my head with such intensity that I am surprised that I have any hair left at all.

I forced myself to relax my shoulders and took a few deep breaths. After all, I was cleansing my body not clinching a deal!

A few seconds later, while I was washing my face I noticed that my shoulders were parked by my earlobes again and that I was massaging my face with the same type of brawn I use to knead bread dough. Once again, I mentally told myself to ease up a bit.

After my shower, while brushing my teeth I suddenly realized that I was scouring them so hard you would have though I was trying to get burnt barbecue sauce off the bottom of an aluminum pot. For the third time in one morning, I willed myself to chill out.

What gives? Does anybody else notice these body tension issues?

It used to be that I only got tensed up like that if I was working on my computer too long or too intensely. In fact I have a big note taped to my keyboard that says “Relax Your Shoulders.”

What’s next? Do I need a note on the kitchen table to tell me to “Ease Up While Eating?” Another note in the shower that says “Slow Down While Shampooing”? And one on the bathroom mirror that says “Breathe While Brushing”?

It’s bad enough that I have a sign in front of my car in the garage that says, “Open the Garage Door. Duh!” I have a hard enough time remembering to read THAT sign.

I need a massage.
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