Sunday, November 16, 2003

My Own Blog Blue Law 

When I was growing up in New Jersey in the 60's and 70's we had these "Blue Laws" designed to make Sunday’s more relaxing (at least that is how I look at them now). There were bans on all sorts of activities, like buying booze or cars, going to the movies (at least that's what my parents told me), and other retail shopping. I remember when I worked as a cashier in the local Pathmark grocery store that the soft goods section of the store was blocked off on Sundays, as we were not permitted to sell those items. I believe the ban included stuff like cosmetics and OTC medicines, socks, and maybe hardware.

I don't think any of those laws are still in effect any more, but I’ve decided to institute a Sunday Blue Law of my own by making Sunday a no-blogging day. My original goal when I started this column was to blog for thirty days straight, and I have now more than doubled that. I have been having fun and getting positive [mostly] feedback from readers. So I am feeling pretty good about the whole adventure. I think I’ve earned a weekly day off.

That doesn't mean I will never ever blog again on a Sunday, after all Blue Laws were designed to be broken, weren't they? But from now on I will be taking Sundays off. I may also decide to take Saturdays off as well...

Have you ever wondered where the term "blue laws" originated? Writing about this today got me to thinking about it, so if you are curious too, here are some links that I dug up:

Reader's Companion to American History

Snopes Urban Legend Page
According to Snopes, the whole theory that Blue Laws got their name from the color paper they were printed on is false.

While researching this topic, I also stumbled across a related topic: have you ever wondered why adult films are referred to as “blue” movies? It stems from the term “blue laws!” You can read more about that here at the Ask Yahoo page.

Happy Sunday!
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