Saturday, November 01, 2003

Summer's Last Tease 

Traditionally, this weekend’s weather should be cool, crisp, sweatshirt and jeans weather. Paradoxically, the forecast calls for shorts and t-shirts. Summer’s last teasing caress before the absolute awfulness of winter weather sets in.

[Lamenting, whiney voice] Why, oh why do I live someplace where winter exists? I truly detest it. I hate the chill wind and the soaking rains and the snow (except for maybe the first snow of the season which somehow manages to look fresh and magical even to me). I loathe getting out of a warm bed in the morning. I am tired of having to hose off a muddy dog after a walk in the soggy park. I can't stand wearing four layers of clothing just to stay warm.

I want to live someplace where the sun shines warmly all year-round. Where I can live in shorts and t-shirts and Birkenstocks in the daytime and throw on a light sweatshirt for the evening. Where I can sleep naked! One day...one day. [Large sigh]

[Strident, determined] I plan on taking full advantage of this tantalizing last taste of summer by spending as many of the sunny hours outside as possible this weekend. I will skip the gym and walk outside in the fresh air. I will finally clean up my garden and trim my hedges. I will take the dog for an extra long trip around the neighborhood.

So much for a weekend of sewing.
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