Friday, December 12, 2003

'Tis the season to get busy! 

I am singing in a concert tomorrow night (preceeded by a 2-hour dress rehearsal).
I have a 3-hour rehearsal in the city on Sunday.
I have a 3-hour rehearsal on Tuesday night.
I have a 3-hour rehearsal Thursday night in the city.
I have a concert in the city on Saturday (preceeded by a 2-hour dress rehearsal).

I have not written a single Christmas card yet.
I have not wrapped a single Christmas gift yet.

By Sunday, my husband will have worked 6 12-hour shifts (72 hours) in 7 days. On his one day off he spent 8 hours at the mall finishing his Christmas shopping, coming home practically mute from exhaustion.

We have a tree...but it is bare and will remain so until Monday night.
None of my decorations are up!

I am blessed to have a houseful of family coming for Christmas Eve and another houseful on Christmas Day, but I have not begun to plan the menu! (Other than knowing that a ham and a turkey will play center stage!)

Life is FULL!

So you, my faithful readers, will have to forgive me for not writing so much between now and Christmas. I will get back in the groove after the holidays -- you have my "word"!
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