Friday, December 26, 2003

What did YOU get for Christmas? 

When I was a kid, December 26th was the happiest day of the year. There was no school, I was allowed to eat a turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce for breakfast if I wanted, the pesky cheek pinching relatives were out of the house, I had a bunch of new stuff to play with and best of all – so did my friends.

The day usually started with a slew of “What did YOU get?” phone calls, followed by fun-filled visits to one another’s houses to play to our hearts’ content. Everything was bright and shiny and new. Games still had all of the pieces, dolls still had all of their shoes, and everybody still had a plethora of Christmas cookies in the house. Bliss.

Even though I am an adult now, and I understand the true reason for the season, and I actually do enjoy giving as much as receiving (sometimes more, actually), I still wanna know: what did YOU get for Christmas? And when can I come over and play?
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