Sunday, January 11, 2004

Assess This, Pal! 

So many of you who responded to my "Assessing the Fitness Assessment" blog entry expressed such outrage about my experience, that your collective ire has actually increased my own.

More than a few of you were a little disappointed in me.

I guess I must seem like more of an outspoken in-your-face type than I actually am. Many of you asked WHY? Why didn't I say anything? Why didn't I do anything? Unfortunately I don't have a good answer for you. And you are right -- in many other circumstances I have been the bold bitch who blurts out exactly what I am thinking. Others of you asked WHAT? What am I gonna do about it since I've had time to stew? What would I want to accomplish by doing or saying anything at all? I've been thinking about that.

I decided to go to the gym today and work out. On my way there I was wondering if the trainer would be there, and if he would speak to me. I fantasized about him asking me if I'd given any thought to our previous conversation and his suggestion regarding personal training.

In my fantasy my reply was something like "Seriously? You really think I took anything you said into consideration? If you really want to know what I thought of your so-called fitness assessment, you can read all about it at geekygurl.blogspot.com. After you've read it, get back to me with a sincere apology and your plans on how to improve your future fitness assessments and I will decide whether or not to send a copy to corporate."

Aren't fantasies wonderful? They allow us to exact revenge (at least in our own minds) without anybody actually getting in anybody’s face. I know that’s sorta like sex without orgasm, but sometimes the foreplay can be just as satisfying on a different level – don’t you think?

The trainer wasn't at the gym, but I enjoyed the revenge fantasy.

I am still considering handing the trainer a revised copy of my blog, or sending it directly to corporate. (Many of you have suggested that.) But, although I would like to change what happens at my gym during a Fitness Assessment, I don't want to get anybody fired, which is what I am afraid would happen.

By the way, I had a great workout today. I worked up a fine sweat upstairs using the cardiovascular machines (along with all of the other “fat girls,” most of whom were well-tuned women and men, by the way).

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