Tuesday, March 30, 2004

My Breakfast is Lunch and My Lunch is Dinner 

For years my husband has been after me to eat breakfast. As a staid and stolid member of the “Breakfast Cereal Rules” club it annoys the heck out of him that I refuse to eat the stuff. But with the possible exception of Lucky Charms (which even I admit is magically delicious) I really hate it. For me, cereal is too soggy, too sweet, or too boring. Plus it has the unpleasant effect of making my morning cappuccino taste not as sweet and delicious.

As for eggs, they take too long (both in the preparation and in the cleanup), and they are not exactly good for you unless you are on the Atkins bandwagon. (And since Atkins is currently six feet under, I don’t think that’s such a good advertisement for eggs.) French toast is too complicated for the morning (there's the whole cinnamon vs. nutmeg controversy to consider) and pancakes are too starchy. Eggos end up in my freezer for so long that they turn white around the edges and then I’m afraid to eat them. Toast is just boring. And I am never in the mood for fruit in the morning unless I am on a cruise ship headed for the buffet.

The only time I will usually eat breakfast is if it’s brought to me in bed along with the newspaper. (Or if my mother is visiting and makes me egg-in-the-hole-in-the-bread.)

So I end up breaking my daily fast with lunch, which is usually leftover from dinner the night before…another habit that drives my husband crazy. He has this “thing” about eating dinner foods for lunch. Apparently it wasn’t done in his family. But he doesn’t like leftovers, so if I don’t eat leftover dinners for lunch, when the heck will that food be eaten? I am doing it a favor!

Maybe I will have scrambled eggs for dinner tonight. That would fit right in with my modus operandi.
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