Thursday, March 18, 2004

Virtual Champagne 

I am sharing a glass of virtual champagne with all of you who took the time in the last few days to review my new ComputerEase website design while it was being tested at geekygurl.com. I incorporated many of your comments within the site's design, organization, and text, and I know it's a better site because of YOU! So cheers!

The site is now LIVE at its proper URL: http://www.karinrex.com.

That said, a website is a living, breathing thing, and it is not intended to be static...so there is always room for improvement. So if any of you get any other great ideas -- send 'em in!

My next mountain to attack is to get my geekyGURL.com site up and running and then moving this blog to that site. But first, I really gotta get back to my "real" job!
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