Saturday, July 17, 2004

My Royal Busy-ness 

I am the Busiest Person on Earth. Yes, me. And you -- as a friend of the Busiest Person on Earth, or a relative of the Busiest Person on Earth -- can hardly expect me to actually behave the way a "normal" friend or loved one might behave, don't you agree?
So if you get your birthday card 2 weeks early (because I knew I would be otherwise occupied on the "real" date, of course, not because of any date mixup) or 3 weeks late (because I am, after all, the Busiest Person on Earth), that's just to be expected...part of our little friendship package, no? So if I call you ON your birthday (purely by coincedence and not with any birthday greeting intent) and fail to mention your own personal aging process, you DO realize that it's only because I am sensitive to how you feel about aging, right?
And if I write about you in my blog, you DO understand that it makes up for any of my so-called shortcomings as a friend, and that you, as a friend or relative of the Busiest Person on Earth should feel really, really blessed to have been written about, yes?
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