Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sweet Learning 

Suite101.com is an online publishing community of writers, readers, and educators who have come together to share their many passions. This website is a destination for millions of Internet users who want to learn, express themselves, and share ideas, interests, and expertise with other like-minded individuals.

I developed the Suite101 course titled "Searching the Web Fantastic". The course is offered on a monthly basis (just $24.95). A brief description of the course follows:

Searching the Web Fantastic: The ability to quickly and easily locate that proverbial needle in a haystack is often what separates Internet newbies from Internet power-users. “Searching the Web Fantastic” is designed to transform YOU into a power-user.

Effective searching entails a simple combination of learnable skills along with a working knowledge of useful Internet search tools. This course will help you develop the search skills necessary to successfully research topics on the Internet and introduce you to the most productive search tools available.

Next month I will be developing a course for Suite101 on another one of my passions: Walt Disney World. The course will help adults traveling without children make the most of their Walt Disney World vacation. Additionally, I have just been named Contributing Editor for Suite101's digital photography topic. As soon as I am done with all this traveling, I will be working on getting that topic going. (It's currently been stalled for a while.) I will post a note here in my blog once I get up and running there.

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