Monday, November 08, 2004

Digital Shutterbug Invitation 

Last month I was appointed the new Contributing Editor for Suite 101's Digital Photography and Editing topic. This means I get to publish a monthly column and manage the discussion board for the topic.

They've published two of my articles so far:

Prior to my taking over, there were two other editors, so anything on the site written before 10-1-04 was written by one of them. (There are some great tips in these articles, so just because they are "older," doesn't mean you should skip them!) Unfortunately, the previous editor didn't publish on a regular basis, so the discussion board traffic sorta of withered away. I am trying to breathe some new life into it and have the topic become more active. So, if you are a digital shutterbug (or want to be), please consider this an invitation to participate! (Access to Suite101's topics is free, by the way.)
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