Saturday, November 20, 2004

Firefox Reviews and One Bug 

Apparently other people are happy switching to Firefox as well. Here's a review that recently appeared in eWeek: Firefox 1.0 lives up to Hype by Jim Paroza. And here's another article that just appeared at RedNova.com: Firefox Browser Alternative to Microsoft (AP Service). The second article gives you an idea of how Firefox is different from Explorer.

Unfortunately, however -- I have had to report a Forefox bug to Mozilla this week. If you are reading my blog on Internet Explorer you can see links to my blog history in the left margin. If you are reading my blog in Firefox (and/or Mozilla), there's something funky going on with it that is causing the links that are supposed to be in the left margin to be at the very bottom of the current window. I hope they fix it soon -- I don't want to eat my words!
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