Monday, January 17, 2005

10 Quick Steps 

I just discovered a very cool website: 10 Quick Steps. Here's a description from the website:
10 Quick Steps Guides are low-cost, easy-to-purchase, easy-to-read, easy-to-listen-to and instantly downloadable electronic books and audio books that help you get things done in life. The 10 Quick Steps series is edited and voiced by network air personality, David Lawrence.

10 Quick Steps Guides help you get stuff done, in 10 Quick Steps - guaranteed!

I like these guides -- not just because they are inexpensive, but because they are very direct and to the point...exactly how I try and write MY instructions. Here are just a few examples of the topics you can find here:

10 Quick Steps to Writing a Book Proposal

10 Quick Steps to Blogging
10 Quick Steps to Buying on eBay
10 Quick Steps to Selling on eBay
10 Quick Steps to Converting LPs to CDs
10 Quick Steps to Stopping Spam

There are loads more topics available -- and most are available as either instantly downloadable PDFs or MP3s (for those of you cool iPod-heads). Check out the 10 Quick Steps site when you get the chance...you might find just what you need.

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