Saturday, February 05, 2005

2 Kewl Firefox Extensions 

You already know I am a fan of Firefox. I recently came across two useful extensions that can be added to Firefox. (An extension is a small program that enhances a program. )

ScrapBook lets you collect web pages as "clippings" -- an excellent tool for those who do a lot of research on the 'net. It organizes the clippings and saves them to disk along with your own comments and annotations. The clipping's original web page address is stored so you can easily revisit the page for more info. Notes and clippings are able to be searched (especially useful).

Tabbrowser Preferences gives you more control over Firefox's tabbed window interface. (Tools > Options > Tabbed Browsing) Tabs can be positioned at the top OR bottom of a browser window and if you want all clicked links to open in a new tab, you can lock them. New tabs will alow you to open URLs from within the URL Bar and do a search from the Search Bar. You can even make every new tab that opens automatically display your default homepage.

Extensions are easy to download and install -- just follow the instrux.
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