Friday, February 18, 2005

Putting Google on the Map 

Google has made a beta version of their new mapping program available: Google Maps. It's quite a bit different from other mapping programs out there (such as Yahoo or Mapquest) in that the maps are dynamic, interactive and draggable. For example, with other mapping programs, to view an adjacent part of a map you usually have to click on a directional arrow and then wait for the map graphic to reload. With Google Maps you just click and drag on the map in the direction you want to go and the map is instantly repositioned. Google Maps also let you search on the name of a region or a neighborhood.

The directions it gives are very clear, too. Clicking on a numbered step in the directions shows you a cut-out up-close view on the map -- perfect if you are not sure about certain turns and want to see them up-close. You have to give it a try to understand what I mean...it's just plain better.
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