Thursday, February 03, 2005

Trusty Clusty 

There's a new search tool out there that I am starting to like more and more: Clusty.

Clusty (owned and operated by VivĂ­simo) uses a Clustering Engine to organize search results into folders that group similar items together. Searching for "golden retriever," for example, will result in the top 250-500 results being organized into subject folders such as Rescue, Puppies, Pets, Clubs/Events, and Kennels.

I especially like their News search page. By default, when you first go to the news page, the top stories are clustered into Stories folders. You can change the clustering method to Sources (such as AP, New York Times, etc) or Section (categories such as sports, technology, etc.).

If you are using Firefox, they even have a downloadable Firefox toolbar. (They also have one for Internet Explorer, but you know how I feel about that browser if you've been reading this blog for a while.)

Clusty is still in Beta testing right now -- but I recommend bookmarking it and trying it on your next few searches.
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