Saturday, September 24, 2005

Want More Traffic for Your Blog? 

If you would like more eyeballs perusing your blog, this guide will come in handy:
10 Quick Steps to Chris Pirillo's Blog Traffic School

A brief description:
Blogging is hot. Do you have one? Make it hotter with this new book. Chris Pirillo shows you, in 10 quick steps, the fastest, easiest way to build traffic to your blog, involve your community, post efficiently, get known for your blog's quirks, how to handle complaints and more. And Pirillo knows what he's talking about. Learn the fastest way to build an audience... the blogging software you should use (and why)... the six plug-ins you should use on your blog... and why your blog's look matters and should be absolutely unique.
(This Guide is also available in MP3 audio format.)

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